There are two primary types of plans you can choose from when you are enrolling in a Medicare plan; Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans.


You also have the choice of keeping original Medicare.

For all types of plans you must be enrolled in Medicare

If you are planning to enroll in a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Plan you must also be enrolled in Medicare Part B.


Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans


Available from October 15 –
December 7 during open enrollment
or during a special election period.

Available year round

Coverage Format

Most similar to HMO and PPO health

Most similar to PPO & EPO health

Doctors & Services

Services are obtained from
providers in the HMO or PPO

Services are obtained from providers
who accept the plan

Best suited for…

Tend to work best for Medicare
enrollees looking for comprehensive
coverage through a single network
and not requiring a great deal of
flexibility in provider options.

Tend to work best for Medicare
enrollees looking for greater flexibility
in choosing a provider and who need
flexibility in choosing between doctor

Additional Premiums

May be available for $0 additional

Typically requires additional

A Division of